Committee Roles

A summary of the principal roles and responsibilities of officers of WWJCA


This role has overall responsibility for the Association and its development. This role includes:

  • Leading the development of WWJCA
  • Aiming to meet the expressed wishes of Junior Clubs in the Winchester District
  • Leading and Chairing the WW Committee meetings
  • Leading and chairing the AGM and any other meetings
  • Leading and Chairing the District Clubs Meetings
  • Representing Winchester Warriors at meetings of the Hampshire Cricket Board, District Liaison Group and District Chairs’ meetings as necessary
  • Representing WWJCA as required

General Secretary

This role assists the Chair and other officers and in particular deals with:

  • General communications on behalf of the District
  • Receiving and distributing information and notices on behalf of the member clubs, the ECB and the HCB
  • Monitoring and supporting the work of Winchester Warriors. Helping others to set up competitions, coaching and other activities.
  • Providing information about WWJCA achievements and activities to Clubs, the HCB and others as appropriate
  • Acting as the Welfare Officer and overseeing child protection arrangements for the District.


This role deals with the budget, receipts and payments, and maintains and monitors the financial accounts for the Association.  The role includes:

  • Maintaining accurate and up to date financial records
  • Establishing and maintaining bank account(s) and banking arrangements
  • Producing and monitoring annual budget for approval by the Committee
  • Reporting the financial position to the Committee and District meetings
  • Collecting and depositing all fees, subscriptions and funds
  • Preparing and issuing receipts for monies received, where appropriate
  • Ensuring that funds are spent appropriately
  • Paying any bills incurred
  • Preparing the end of year financial report for the AGM.

Fixtures Secretary

This role deals with the fixtures for the summer and winter competitions.  The role includes:

  • Organising the fixtures programme for the summer leagues, cups, plates and friendlies competitions at U9, U11, U13, and U15 levels, including inviting entries, arranging the fixtures, and booking locations and medals for the cup final competitions
  • Liaising with the Results Co-ordinators for the various age groups, to advise on fixtures and assist with leagues
  • Liaising with the Website Editor, General Secretary and Treasurer, in connection with fixtures, entry fees and rules for each of the competitions.

Winter Leagues Co-ordinator

This role involves:

  • Organising the Winter Indoor League competitions at U12, U14 and U16 levels, including inviting entries, arranging the fixtures, booking locations and securing the medals/trophies for league winners
  • Co-ordinating the indoor matches on match days, including the equipment and results
  • Collecting the results sheets from the scorers
  • Collating the results and producing the weekly league tables
  • Reporting results to the clubs and alerting clubs to forthcoming fixtures
  • Reporting the results and outstanding performances to the Committee
  • Reporting highlights and the league tables to the Hampshire Chronicle, Southampton Echo and Andover Advertiser
  • Planning appropriate follow up to the winter season.

Results Co-ordinators (Summer fixtures)  (U9s,  U11s,  U13s,  U15s)

The role includes:

  • Receiving results from the Team Managers
  • Recording the results as appropriate (eg in league format)
  • Collating and distributing results and leagues tables as appropriate (eg for cup competitions, advising all clubs of the next stage of the competition)
  • Informing the Publicity / Media Officer of results and outstanding performances so that press reports can be compiled and published
  • Co-ordinating the finals of knock-out competitions for the relevant age groups (U11s, U13s, U15s)
  • Notifying the Director of Coaching and Development of outstanding performances so that players with potential can be supported, encouraged and progressed through District activities.

Director of Coaching and Development

This role has overall responsibility for the cricket development of junior players in the Clubs and District. This role includes:

  • Organising and implementing development plans for all age groups (including specific courses)  in consultation with the Cricket Development Officer (CDO) of the Hampshire Cricket Board (HCB)
  • Monitoring the performances of Junior cricketers and proposing development plans for District and Club coaches
  • Appointing coaches and managers for the District Squads
  • Liaising with the CDO to implement HCB initiatives aimed at developing coaches and managers (including the running of specific courses and the Hampshire Coaches Development Plan)
  • Liaising with the HCB Cricket Development Manager of HCB (and County Coaches/Managers where appropriate) about the progress of players and coaches within the District
  • Overseeing the Winchester Warriors arrangements for the Festival Weeks when the District Squads play against other Districts in the County
  • Ensuring that the Welfare Officer responsibilities are being carried out properly.

Girls Cricket Co-ordinator

  • Supporting and co-ordinating the development of girls cricket in the District
  • Supervising the coaching and development of the District Girls’ squads
  • Encouraging the development of girls cricket in the Winchester District by working with the clubs
  • Promoting girls cricket activities amongst member clubs
  • Providing the Committee with information and advice about the development of girls cricket

Development Secretary

This role is responsible for supporting the Director of Coaching and Development and the Girls’ Cricket Co-ordinator for the District. This role includes:

  • Organising assessment and coaching sessions, booking dates and venues, and ensuring that nominated players are invited and allocated to assessment centres (HCB collates all the nominations from around the county)
  • Administering the process of selections and non-selections arising from Assessment Centres, in liaison with colleagues
  • Organising the supply of District kit for the selected players
  • Organising specific courses to develop members, coaches, volunteers and management
  • Assisting the Girls’ Cricket Co-ordinator and the Director of Coaching and Development as appropriate.

Website Editor

The Website Editor manages the WWJCA website and takes care of updating and amending the content as needed.  The role includes:

  • uploading new material into the website
  • Supplementing the website pages
  • Deleting or archiving old material
  • Checking the website regularly to make sure it is up to date
  • Adding links to the site to enhance the value of the site
  • Developing the site with additional features, as opportunities can be created.

Publicity / Media Officer

This role seeks to provide information and promote the activities and achievements of WWJCA.    The role includes:

  • Receiving match results and other information about WWJCA activities
  • Preparing and submitting press reports on the results and performances from WWJCA fixtures and competitions
  • Circulating press reports
  • Circulating information about WWJCA to Clubs, other organisations and to the website, in order to promote the activities provided by WWJCA.

Meetings Secretary

This role takes care of the meetings of the Committee and the District and includes:

  • Convening Committee meetings and District Clubs Meetings, including the AGM
  • Booking rooms for meetings
  • Preparing agendas for Committee and District Meetings, and circulating to the Committee and District Clubs, as appropriate
  • Attending meetings, taking notes and circulating as appropriate
  • Planning for future meetings.

The following appointments are normally Committee Members:

Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary, Director of Coaching and Development, Girls Cricket Co-ordinator, Development Secretary, Website Editor, Publicity/Media Officer(s), Meetings Secretary.

The following are not normally Committee Members:

The Results Co-ordinators for each age group, the Winter Leagues Co-ordinator