Complaints Policy

1    Introduction

1.1  The constitution of Winchester Warriors Junior Cricket Association (WW) sets out how the association seeks to support and develop junior cricket by working successfully with clubs, officials, players, parents, carers, and all  who wish to promote cricket amongst children and young people.  The Association is a voluntary organisation, run by volunteers for the benefit of young cricketers.

1.2  WW recognises that a complaint may arise as a result of what we do or we fail to do. This document sets out how WW will deal with such complaints.

1.3  This policy and procedure makes arrangements for a complaint about Winchester Warriors.  It does not cover a complaint that should be addressed within a club or between member clubs.  Any such matters are the responsibility of those clubs (see 2.2 below).

2    The types of complaint

2.1  Conduct during a match under the auspices of Winchester Warriors.

This should be considered according to the Association’s Disciplinary Rules which are part of the WW Rules for Indoor and Outdoor matches.  If a complaint is made about conduct during a match being played under the auspices of another body, the complaint should be referred to that body for their attention.

2.2 Complaint about another club or their representative

This should be referred to the Junior Section Organiser (or to the Chair) of that club for attention and resolution.  If the clubs concerned cannot resolve the matter, one or both clubs may wish to seek the assistance of WWJCA.  WW may choose to assist within this procedure or advise the club(s) if WWJCA could not assist.

2.3 Complaint about WW generally or about an officer, coach or representative

This should be addressed within this complaints procedure.

2.4 Safeguarding

Where a complaint may relate to safeguarding, it should be reported to the WW Welfare Officer (see the WW website or ask the WW General Secretary) who may refer the report to the Hampshire Cricket Board Welfare Officer for advice and appropriate action.

3    Procedure

3.1  Any complaint to the Association must be made in writing and sent to the General Secretary, unless the complaint relates to the General Secretary in which case the complaint should be sent to the WW Chairman.  Upon receipt, the complaint will be logged and an acknowledgement will be sent to the complainant within 7 days.  If the complainant has not received an acknowledgement within 7 days, perhaps due to holidays, a check should be made with the Chairman, or if there’s also no acknowledgement, to the Treasurer.

3.2 The WW General Secretary (or Chairman as in 3.1 above) will make an assessment of the complaint and decide whether it falls within the Association’s jurisdiction. If not, the complainant will be informed accordingly and a suggestion will be made about where to direct the complaint.

3.3 If it appears appropriate, the General Secretary will offer the opportunity of a discussion to the complainant, to identify possible resolutions to the complaint. This offer will be made within 7 days of receipt of the complaint, or sooner if possible.

3.4 If appropriate, the subject(s) of the complaint will be informed of the complaint by the General Secretary and given the opportunity to comment, discuss and identify possible resolutions to the complaint.   If this results in a resolution of the matter to the satisfaction of the complainant, a letter confirming the resolution will be sent by the General Secretary to all parties.

3.5 If a complaint cannot be resolved in this way, the WW Chairman may ask for the assistance of two people who have no connection with the complaint to consider the key issues, seek a resolution and report any further concerns to the Chairman.  Those two people should include one person from a member club and one WW Committee member.  If appropriate, the Chairman may wish to request the additional assistance of a representative of the Hampshire Cricket Board.

3.6 A note of the complaint, the agreed resolution, and any recommendations arising from the complaint shall be kept on file by the General Secretary.  Any appropriate action and recommendations should be reported to the WW Committee.

Approved by the WW Committee on 3 March 2015

Approved by the WWJCA Member Clubs on 17 March 2015

WWJCA Complaints Policy    v4   March 2015   Approved